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  Blacksheep Black Betty
ISDS and FCI registered

DoB: 18.10.2017
Colour: Black and white
Hair-length: medium


Int. Su. Ch. Jock, ISDS 00/3272212 R. Hutchinson (black and white, medium)

Highcliff Meg, ISDS 00/348507 J. Dumbleton (black and white, tan, smooth)

A long dreamed dream has become true and Black Betty has arrived! The first ISDS Border Collie to live in my kennel.

She is looking different, is nothing one would expect to find in my kennel – but the ones that are going to look harder, will find a well built, nicely made Border Collie.

The day I have seen the first Videos of Ian Brownlies „Mo“, the day I knew I wanted „something like her“, which is not too easy to get as Mo is out of breeding due her age. Finally I found a mating of a bitch to Mo´s son „Jock“. And I would like to say: „Ti sono grato, Gianni!” to her breeder Gianni Canopoli from Italy!

Ian Brownlies bitch “Mo” won the Int. Supreme Championship 2013 and “One Man and his Dog”, she is an outstanding bitch, the most intelligent worker I have ever seen. Mo has been mated to Ricky Hutchinsons superb producer “Sweep”, who became Res. Supreme Champion this year, only beaten by his son “Jock”, both handled by Ricky Hutchinson.

Her motherline goes back to Kevin Evans dogs, “Kemi Ross”, Pennant Williams “Sweep”.

Can´t wait to watch her growing and what she will mature into. So desperately waiting for our first lessons with a “true” Sheepdog and hopefully she will forgive me all the mistakes I am going to make.

This is a very special, new chapter in my life with Border Collies I am going to open and explore.

As far as I could see, Betty has got the most lovely temperament, is full of life, has got a nice shape, good head and proportions. She is good in any situation and really good with people.

Betty is incredibly skilled and moves like a cat, nothing like the funny, clumsy puppies from Showlines at that age. The difference is really very obvious, although she is only here for some days now

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