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Minnie is living on a sheep farm now and enjoys to do what she is meant to do! and, believe it or not, she is a real help for her owner, doing a good job. She is not living far from me so we are visiting her regulary to have a cuddle as well as a good run with Betty.

  Aculsia Lush Life"Minnie"
Austrian Junior Champion
Austrian Champion
Import Great Britain

DoB: 30.04.2016
Colour: Black and white
Hips: A/A
Ellbows/Shoulders OCD free
genetically tested „normal“ for CEA, NCL, TNS, IGS, MDR1, SN and the predisposition for Glaucoma Eye update: clinically free for all eye diseases: 02/2019
Training and sports: Sheep herding and tracking

Minnie has been my choice from 4 bitches in a lovely litter of 7 puppies. Her Dam "China" has been a long time favorite of mine as she is so similar bred to my beloved "Grace". Minnies Sire "Coby" brings fresh bloodlines via his Dam, on the other hand he brings me back "Littlethorn Continental", bred to the beautiful "Beesting Lilo Lil", whom i had the honour to meet four years ago at LKA - just my cup of tea! Never thought I would have the chance to have her in my pedigree one day! This is where Minnie is born: Aculsia

Minnie is a sensitive but powerful girl, who even could convince bitchy Daisy to playing with her!

Minnie showed good nerves at her first attempt to drive the running ducks over the farm of Habitual Shadow, which she did at the age of just 10 weeks by herself.
She is such a good girl when doing a bit of clickertraining as well, very active and smart.

Her shape is very nice, feminin with a good balance in body and very nice angles.

But now she need time to being nothing but a baby, discovering the world, meet new people and dogs and growing.
Thank you so much for your trust in me, Della and Richard! I think, Minnie is just right to being part of our family!

  24 Mo. 11 Mo.  
    14.06.2017   04.09.2016
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