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  Dear Members of the Czech Border Collie Club,

I would like to thank you for a weekend I will never forget.

The Show took place on a beautiful venue, two big rings were needed for large entries.

Many people in light green T-Shirts with the BCCCZ logo rushed around and everyone saw, it was the busy members making this weekend so special for everyone that participated.

I have never attented a show being so perfectly run as this one before.

The two girls working in the ring with me, Lucie, who was writing the critiques and Zuzana, the steward, are worth gold! Thank you so much, ladies, for two super days and making me feeling so comfortable in every aspect. You were even laughing about my little jokes;-)

I have been very much looking forward to this event as I was expecting to find nice Border Collies and I have not been disappointed.

I was looking to find Border Collies with balance in their body, graceful outlines, typical expression and enough substance. And so important: the typical movement with a minimum lift of feet, good reach and drive to move its body forward without kicking in the rear or an up-and-down-movement, which is so very inefficient and wrong and would stop a dog from doing its job well.

Not to forget and always keep this picture in the head of each judge when going over our beautiful breed: a Border Collie HAS to be a hard, tenacious worker, which is the reason to ask for a MODERATE dog. Never heavy nor weak. Its body needs to be athletic and elastic. A working breed needs a good length of legs, a good length of neck as it is working with its head low, also a good laid back shoulder to work steadily. Needs the correct eye placement to give it a 270° view to not loose the flock of sheep.

Nearly 100 entries in bitches for me on Saturday told me to hurry and shorten up the critiques, but I hope I could clarify my decision for everyone.

The average quality in bitches was very high, so I could draw from the full.

Having back the „Excellent“ examples after the single judging my ring was still full of beautiful bitches and it was hard to choose only four.

Many of my placed bitches could change placements on every other day.

I found bitches of beauty and breedtype, typical expression, athletism and of good hight to length ratio, movement giving them my final placements.

There were only a few being too heavy for a Border Collie or lacking substance.

Movement was a joy to watch at many of them. Powerful sidegait with the required minimum lift of feet.

Only some bitches were lacking rear angulations or had short upper arms.

It was great to find high quality from puppy class up to the Veterans, watching to be given top honours to a 13 years old bitch, who has aged in dignity.

My Juniorwinner was a dark, raw bitch, which promises a bright future, still young as she should be at that age. I loved her excellent hight to length ratio, her super neck and that she already showed balance stood and on the move.

My line-up for Best Bitch was of outstanding quality, I am sure, all the handler could see the joy in my face, when I was looking at their beautiful bitches. I chose the winner of working class. She showed the best movement in my eyes. Very athletic with a super reach in the front and the equal drive to move her forward from behind. You could imagine her moving all day without getting tired.

Male classes on Sunday were quite difficult sometimes.

They differed significantly and in each class. There were the heavy ones with too much substance, and heavy heads with loose lips as well as a really good average of good breedtype, old fashioned in its best meaning. Not many being too light or not maleish enough. I was happy to only seeing a few with large, flat paws.

Looking into Juniorclass I could see a wide range of types, size, colour and substance.

I chose a very typical, honest male. Nothing overdone, just like I want to see a 11 months old male. Moderate in every aspect, everything there. He just needs time and should mature into a proper Border Collie and not being ready until 4 years of age – a gentle reminder that Border Collies are slow maturer! I don´t want to see a „ready“ Border Collie in Juniorclass, we all know what they look like at 5 – 6 years of age, which should be the begin of the best time of a dog – and not the end.

Intermediate class was quite difficult to judge, today I think, I have been too gentle as I was missing quality all over.

But I found a very nice, very showy dog, which did not put a foot wrong the whole day, beautifully handled, stood himself always right. I chose him for Best Male at the end of the day – and I found out that he was Best Male under Mr. Krinke as well.

He was not overdone, in beautiful condition, had nice substance for size and moved nicely.

I too found nice examples for our breed in the other adult classes, although I had to search harder than in female classes on Saturday.

But at the end of the day I had a really nice line-up in males as well and I was quite content and the big smile returned onto my face.

In the afternoon I was honoured to judge the Best in Show competitions and I could not stop grinning.

I have met some bitches from Saturday again and it was simply a joy to choose from such a high quality range of typical examples for our breed.

They all were true Border Collies.

My Best in Show was an honest, well built bitch with a typical movement and perfectly presented in beautiful condition.

All you could ask for in a Border Collie, congratulations on her breeder and handler!

After BIS competitions I was told that both my Junior winners were brother and sister from the same litter– and looking into the catalogue on Monday I also know now, why I liked them so much.

I did not know many of the dogs presented to me over the weekend and I have had quite a few surprises when I was looking through the catalogue.

I would like to say a big „Thank You“ on every participant of this remarkable Show, everyone who entered under me. it has been a big honour to judge your dogs.

I can only say that I was very happy with the sportsmanship and the professional handling I saw over both days. Some were pulling too much on the lead of the dogs, and I may ask you stop it as in most cases it destroys the natural balance of your dog.

Going over each dog and feeling the angulations and seeing the good or the faults in movement, no dog can hide anything at the end.

Watching and going over your dogs leave me happier and hopeful for the future of the breed we so much love.
Lisi Ertl
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