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In loving memory


Dowland Beverly
Austrian Veteran Champion

*08.09.1997 +10.07.2012

Hips: free
Eyes: unaffected at six weeks and updated
MDR1 free
Full scissors bite

BGH1, BGH2, BGH3 (Companion dog)
Sheep herding


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Club show Schwanenstadt: Veteran class, excellent 2
Club winner show Felixdorf: Veteran class, excellent 1
IDS Oberwart: Veteran class, excellent 1, 2nd ticket for her veteran champion
Show in Burgenland: Veteran class, excellent 1
Open dog show Wels: Veteran class, exc. 1 and 1st qualification for the veteran champion
Open dog show Klagenfurt: Open class, excellent 2, ResCACA
Open dog show Graz: Open class, excellent

Beverly's living with Gernot and her grandson Tally and still lives her life to the full. She's only listening to what she thinks it's important, still has got a good sight and moves like old ladies do, never too fast - the whole world ist waiting for her...
It is lovely to see her turning old in dignity and health, my old lady.
I wish you some more quiet, happy and healthy years!
Click to enlarge... Beverly is our first Border Collie, entered our home when she was 10 weeks old. Her breeder instructed us to know all the breed specialities.

Beverly is a very special dog with an outstanding temperament. She is friendly to everyone and every animal and she is easy to handle.
Steady and self confident, she began to teach us what a border collie is!
She infected us with this Border Collies Virus from what we are suffering since today and hopefully many, many years in future!

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Never anxious, nervous or unbalanced, she is a great personality.
At the age of two years she had her first litter, two years later her second and in 2003 her third and final litter.

Click to enlarge... Beverly, nearly
13 years old
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Beverly at work in July 2004

Click to enlarge... She gives her temperament and her personality to her children. Now, as a semi retired girl, she enjoys life doing agility and sheep herding and she really loves it. She still flies over the hurdles in agility and hopefully will do for many years. She is seven years old now, prettier than she´s ever been, so we are thinking about showing her again in veteran class. Click to enlarge...

Beverly, you are our special friend, our
child and beloved companion, we do love you so much!

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