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News 2013

  • Inca Blackangel has done it: 100 pts (of 100) on a tracking trial in Salzburg!
    So very well done Peter and Inca, huge congrats!
  • Another super result for Sylvia and Indiana Jones at the Carinthian regional champion in agility, they got vice regional champion in class 1!
    Feeling so happy for you!
  • Jackson LT, little Tally, got Styrian champion in agility on 28th of September, huge congrats on your achievment, Jacky and Tally!

  • Inca Blackangel has got some wonderful results in racking trials:
    Class 1: 99, 98 and 96 points (of 100), what a super level you work on, little black angel!

  • Keep the fire has begun his obedience training in Belgium already and he is showing really promising, thank you for the lovely pictures, Ingrid!

  • Karma my Mica has be shown a few times now and these are the results:
    Club champion in Denmark: Breed specialist Josie Large (GB): Very promising 1, Best Puppy in show with a lovely report.
    The next day she got a VP2 under Geoff Duffield
    On 21st of September she got a VP2 under Francesco Cochetti (I) at the In. Dogshow in Hillerod.
    Way to go, little Mica!
  • Some new photos of the K-litter puppies, which settled in so well into their new homes. Keen on You is staying with us, what a wonderful Border Collie he is!
Knick-Knack Keep the fire Kuba libre Kind hearted Keen on You Key Man
  • Inca Blackangel passed the tracking exam 1 with 99 points (of 100) with her owner, congratulations!

  • Isetta Bi-Turbo achieved 100 points (of 100) at her first start in the Beginner Obedience Rallye, so well done you both!


  • Jayden Lee on one of the hiking trips with her owner.

  • Jackson LT is getting a real man now at the age of 3, thank you for this lovely photo, Jacky!


  • The other puppies have settled in to their new homes already and I am so happy about every single family:

    • Kindred Spirit, the sporty and beautiful dog is following huge footprints, but he is so different to "Archie". He will be trained in Obedience. Wishing you so much joy, Martina and Walter - it makes me proud that you came again to having him!

    • Knick-Knack also is following a dog from my very first litter, who died only 2 days before he moved in. He now lives on a horse-ranch with a lot of different animals, he will never be bored! And Silvia will be doing Agility with him - may he dry your tears and make you happy!

    • Keep the Fire has gone to Belgium into a lovely Obedience home. I really hope, he will fullfill your needs and will be your partner for many years, how proud I am that he is able to live with you, Ingrid!

    • Karma my Mica has gone to her half-brother in Denmark and will be foundation bitch at Kimmies Kennel. I think, she is a very solid and strong bitch, wishing you all the best, Kimmie!

    • Kuba Libre has gone to Lower Austria, where she will have her basic training, afterwards they will find out what will make Bettina and her lucky!

    • Kiss from a Rose came into a big Czech kennel, but she won´t be lost, because she is a "me!me!me!" dog! Always in the middle of the world. She will have all chances to show her talents in sports and shows.

    • Kind Hearted is the only one that lives near us, she is a sweetheart, but clever though!

    • Keen on You is staying with us. He has been the big surprise in becoming a tricolour and he reminds me of the good old days, the reason to keep him. He is a lovely dog, friendly and full of life. Love him!

    • Key Man has been living now in Styria and will bring a lot of changes into the family, especially much joy! Nice to met you and all the best with him, Waltraud, Wolfgang and Maximilian.

  • New pictures of the five weeks old puppies on  their own pages --> here.
  • Our puppies are three weeks old now and maturing so nicely. The explore the new run, eat beef tartar and are playing with each other, which is just a joy to watch.
    New photos on their own pages --> here.

not much space left anymore

  • My K-litter is 10 days old and they mature nicely into posh Border Collies, they are quite active and fast, are sleeping and eating as they should do...
    Mica has had an uterine infection and so we had to make the hard decision to let her spay because we didn't want to risk her or her puppies life.
    So this is the final litter of this fantastic Border Collie bitch!
    There are only a few puppies available, which are looking for active homes, where they will get a Border Collie training in any dogsports.
    All puppies have got their own page now, click --> here.


  • Mica has given birth to 9 gorgeous puppies and one could not wish for better than: 5 boys, 4 girls. 3 blue boys, 1 blue girl and 2 black boys and 3 black girls.
    The puppies are all doing so well, they are lively and content and do what puppies do at that age: eating and sleeping. Mica is a good mum as she was before, very sovereign and calm. The puppies are darker than in her first litter.
    Thank you for making this litter possible, Dottore Paolo and Francesca in Italy!
    Here are the --> first pictures.

  • Due to the fact of this amount of puppies there are some available now and looking out for active and caring homes!
  • Mica is in whelp!
    The K-litter should be due around April 25th.
    I am over the moon that in about 5 weeks there will be another litter born after 3 years of absence - even better from this special mating! Here is a link to the expected K-litter.
  • I´m wishing all the guests of my website a happy new Year!

    It has been a bit quiet in the last few months here, nevertheless i am planning one or two litters this year.

    Littlethorn Mica will be coming into season first, so i hope that everything will be sorted out until then.

    Whilst here is a short list of the biggest achievements over the last years,
    • Habitual Shadow: BOB under breed specialist Ross Green („Fayken“) at the clubwinnershow 2013 in Austria.
    • Immortal Blue Acko wins the CC and BOB under bread specialist Penny Foster-Cooper („Sheltysham“) from the UK at the Border Collie show in Denmark.
    • Grace Kelly: BIS under breed specialist Bob Tunnicliff („Littlethorn“) at the Border Collie Special in Germany 2010, BOB and BIS under breed specialist Heidi Poschacher („Borderline Country“) at the clubshow in Austria 2010, BOB under M.Krinke (CZ) in Germany 2012.
    • Flash Tally: BOB under breed specialist Rachel Spencer („Tobermoray“)at the Border Collie clubshow in Denmark, BOB under Mr. Jan Ebels from the NL in Germany, BOB at a National show in Slovenia under Mr. Saso Novak and BOB and BIG 2nd under breed specialist Barbka Novak at an Intern. Show in Slovenia.
    • Littlethorn Mica: BIS under Ph. Poduschka-Aigner at a Clubshow and BOB at an International Show in Austria

    Border Collies „Of Green Borderline“ stand for high workability in any kind of dogsports and my biggest „Thankyou“ to those, who love and work their puppy – which they always will remain for me - every day and give them a loving home.

    A new foto of Armonic Horseguard, aged 13 and Dee Jay, who is 8 and a very happy dog.

    Special thanks to the new „Mummies“ of Isetta and Jayden: You have done a fantastic job, thank you so much for the love you give them and that they found their home at least!

    Isetta got an „Excellent“ on her very first Obedience beginner exam and is ready to start in class 1 now.

    Jayden passed her companion dog exam and is ready to start in any other discipline, it is great to see how well she settled in to her new home!

    Huge congrats to your fantastic win, my dear Kimmie, when Acko became first in his class, the CC as best male and even was awarded the BOB on 30th November 2013.

Acko Armonic Dee Jay Isetta Jayden
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