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  17.12.2017 - Welcome little Black Betty!  
  • A long dreamed dream has become true and Black Betty has arrived! The first ISDS Border Collie to live in my kennel.

    She is looking different, is nothing one would expect to find in my kennel – but the ones that are going to look harder, will find a well built, nicely made Border Collie.

    The day I have seen the first Videos of Ian Brownlies „Mo“, the day I knew I wanted „something like her“, which is not too easy to get as Mo is out of breeding due her age. Finally I found a mating of a bitch to Mo's son „Jock“. And I would like to say: „Ti sono grato, Gianni!” to her breeder Gianni Canopoli from Italy!

    Ian Brownlies bitch “Mo” won the Int. Supreme Championship 2013 and “One Man and his Dog”, she is an outstanding bitch, the most intelligent worker I have ever seen. Mo has been mated to Ricky Hutchinsons superb producer “Sweep”, who became Res. Supreme Champion this year, only beaten by his son “Jock”, both handled by Ricky Hutchinson.

    Her motherline goes back to Kevin Evans dogs, “Kemi Ross”, Pennant Williams “Sweep”, Int. Supr. Ch. “Dewi Tweed” R. Millichap.

    Can´t wait to watch her growing and what she will mature into. So desperately waiting for our first lessons with a “true” Sheepdog and hopefully she will forgive me all the mistakes I am going to make.

    This is a very special, new chapter in my life with Border Collies I am going to open and explore.

    As far as I could see, Betty has got the most lovely temperament, is full of life, has got a nice shape, good head and proportions. She is good in any situation and really good with people.

    Blacksheep Black Betty, ISDS and FCI registered
    Born the 18th of October 2017
    Sire: Int. Su. Ch. Jock, ISDS 00/3272212 R. Hutchinson (black and white, medium)
    Dam: Highcliff Meg, ISDS 00/348507 J. Dumbleton (black and white, tan, smooth)
    Colour: black and white, smooth coated
IHA Wels:
2nd of December, Judge: Ingrid Hectors (BEL)
Minnie (Intermediate): Exc.1, Caca (1)

3rd of December, Judge: Peter Berchtold (AUT)
Minnie (Intermediate): Exc. 1, Caca, Res.Cacib (1)

So happy we had been alone in the class both days ;-)
Minnie was a good girl as always and we´ve had a lovely weekend with our friends and owner of Inca Blackangel oGB, whom we met for the last time, although none of us was aware of this sad fact to that time.

RIP Inca Blackange of Green Borderline
26th of March 2010 to 2nd of January 2018

Too far taken in just weeks. Inca died of Lymphoma only weeks after she was diagnosed with it. No way to help her. She will be sadly missed by her family Eva and Peter Lewy.

Inca was foundation bitch in the ÖKV kennel „of Yellowblue Borders“ and had two litters.

And she was a very successful tracking dog.

BGH 1,2,3 and tracking level 1

Run free over the fields – wherever the next track will be leading you. Good bye, you sweet Angel!
A weekend full of Border Collies!
On Saturday the first Border Collie Breed Convention took place in the rooms of the Austrian Kennelclub.

The two speakers, Toni Jackson „Elbereth“ and John Ritchie „Dykebar“ from Great Britain, were referring about our beloved breed. Their history, different standards around the world and the original British standard and how it is to be understood right. The hands-on clinic in the afternoon was very interesting.

The next day weather conditions were horrible, but we very lucky when the rain stopped around 10, but the stormy wind was our companion all the day, so no chance writing critiques, but the judges explained everything to the handler. Toni Jackson did Border Collies and some Sheltie classes, John Ritchie all the other breeds.

The entry was really nice with 59 Border Collies and 160 all breeds.

Best thing on this weekend has been that my lovely friend Kimmie came all the way down from Denmark and brought Karma my Mica with her, she was entered in Championclass.

Minnie had her first start in Intermediate Class, Grace was in Veteranclass.

Minnie won a nice class out of 4 with Exc. 1, Caca.

Grace was second. And Karma My Mica, well – she did not do too bad I would say…

Karmy My Mica: Exc. 1, Caca, Best Bitch, Best of Breed, Best in Show!!!

What an achievement! I am still over the Moon! Best in Show was judged by both the judges and both picked Mica!

After the Show we have had a few words with the judges and Toni Jackson asked me, who the BIS bitch was – well, with a big grinning on my face I could tell her that Karma was my breeding!

One sentence she said about Karma I shall never forget: „she just stood out“ – yes, she does. So much breedtype, so true on the move, so pure and right she is. Unfortunately it needs breed specialists to honour her qualities. Far too many judges would not see it even when written in pink letters on her. Well, but those are not the judges I am breeding for tbh.
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