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  September 01st, 2018  
  • Daisy has left me heartbroken.
    Still can´t believe she has gone, but her kidneys has collapsed and after we have been battling for 9 days, I needed to accept that Daisy had no chance to get on her feet again.

    I would like to thank all involved, especially my husband and our friends Lisa, Wolfgang and Philipp for our support and your emotions. Each hard way seems to be a bit easier when you don´t have to go it alone.
    Daisy could go and sleep in her own bed on the terrace on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Betty is 10 months old now, I really like this lovely young bitch. She matures beautifully, at the moment we love to swim a lot. She gives me strength and lots of love in these hard times.

  • 26th of August I was invited to judge Border Collie males and BOB at the finnish Speciality 2018. Thank you for asking me after the original judge had to withdraw. It has been a pleasure to being in Finland for the first time in my life and I have been very curious to go over your dogs. I have some pictures from my males line-up and a short report here
    Offene Klasse Champion Klasse Veteranen Klasse Bester Rüde 1-4
    links beginnend
  June 29th, 2018  
  • Finnley the Freshman went over the rainbow bridge today, what a sad day for his owner Christiane! He was diagnosed with spleen tumour only a few days before. Thank you for a wonderful life you had given him, Christiane!
  June 26th, 2018  
  • Minnies DNA tests came back, all „normal“, so genetically free, for the following diseases:
    CEA, NCL, TNS, IGS, MDR1, SN and the predisposition for developing Glaucoma
  June 10th, 2018 - SPORTNEWS:  
  • Jackson LT and his owner Jacky are back in sports and succeed in Agility and Companion Dog (kind of Obedience)! June 10th: they successfully finish two Zero fault runs at the Austrian Agility Masters and are placed third.
  • May 13th: they run a super Companion dog Class 1 win of 98 (of 100) points
  • April 14th: another Companion dog Class 1 win of 99 points
  • February 10th: Companion dog Class 1 wintercup win of 97 points Jacky and Tally: You both are winners – and the more important: YOU ARE HEROES!
  May 26th/27th, 2018:  
  • Judging the Special- and Clubshow in Litomerice, Czech Republic
    What an outstanding experience this weekend has been for me!
    Thanks to all who attented this weekend, who entered their Border Collies under me. it has been such an honour to going over your dogs.
    As well as to all the nice people of the Czech Border Collie Club, who ran the perfect Show, especially Lucie and Zuzana, who acompanied me through this weekend and worked with me in the ring.

    You will find a report I have been writing for the Czech Border Collie Club here
    All my judge reports in English for bitches and dogs here
    Here are all photos of Saturday, when I was judging bitches
    Here are all fotos of Sunday, when I was judging dogs and the BIS competitions

    Thank you so much for capturing wonderful moments into fotos, Lukas Lang and Ondrej Vakula - and allowing me to publish them on my website!!!


  May 13th, 2018:  
  • CACIB Show in Wieselburg under judge Heidi Poschacher, 30 entries
    Minnie, Aculsia Lush Life, not only won Open Class, but also was awarded the CACIB, Best Bitch and as the icing of the cake, Minnie went on to win Best of Breed.
    Unfortunately we could not wait for the main ring as I had to return home for my job. Here a foto of Minnie, taken the next day, 24 months:

  May 5th, 2018:  
  • Cinderella Princess has died today. She was diagnosed with severe kidney problems 2 weeks ago, followed by a vestibular syndrome, she was getting weaker every day.
    I would want to thank her owners, who loved her to bits, for the wonderful life you had enabled her.
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