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  05th Sept, 2019:  
  • Blacksheep Betty at the age of 22 mts

  • The puppies of our L-litter have left our home and are doing well in their new families! They are already changing teeth and growing into a new coat.

    Lang Syne and Limited Edition have been entered at their first Show and did so well in Babyclass on a Clubshow.

    Both got lovely critiques and a „very promising“, Limited Edition even went on to win „Best Baby in Show“ at the end of the day.

    The most important thing is that they enjoyed a lovely day out, were friendly and sovereign at this exciting day!  
  28th May, 2019:  
  • Minies puppies are 4 weeks old now and are getting more cheeky every day, they explore our house and the garden an are really open to new things.
    We do have one female available at the moment.
    Pedigree and information can be seen on the L-litter page
    These are the latest photos:

    Lotus Leaf
    b/w female

    Lang Synve
    b/w female

    Little Miss Sunshine
    b/w female

    Limited Edition
    b/w male

  08th May, 2019  
  • On 28th of April I was honoured to judge a little Clubshow without tickets for all eight herdingbreeds close to where I am living. What a shame, we have had the worst weather conditions for an outside show and at the beginning it was raining cats and dogs, but then it changed to snowfall. But the girls in the ring and me kept on working with clammy fingers. At the end of the day I was proud of having such a nice line-up for the Best in Show competitions. So I´ve had a beautiful rough Collie junior, a beautiful rough Collie adult bitch, a very typical and correct Sheltie bitch, a nice Pembroke Corgi, a very nice Bobtail bitch, who could do with some showtraining and a lovely Border Collie bitch, which was just so solid and free from any exaggeration, who went on to become my Best in Show. Thank you for fighting the bad weather conditions with me and for entering your dogs!
  • I have been invited to judge the Clubshow in Vlckovce, Slovakia and had a very nice entry of 47. The venue was absolutely beautiful plus the hotel directly there. I would want to thank the committee of the slovakian Border Collie Club for a wonderful ran show! Beautiful rosettes and prizes for the winners. I was very happy with both, my male and my female line-up. My main winners were the winner of the female open class, who was my BOB and the winner of male open class, who was my BOS. Both beautiful in type and showing the typical movement. It has been a very nice, a very familiar show and you could see and feel the love and enthusiasm for their beloved dogs, thank you so much!
  06th May, 2019  

female 1

female 2

female 3


female 1

female 2

female 3


  29th April, 2019  
  • Our L-litter has been born on Saturday, 27th of April. Minnie - ShCh Aculsia Lush Life - has delivered her first litter.
    Exactly on the day I have been out to judge the Clubshow in Slowakia. I have to thank my husband a thousand times that he was here and supported the maiden mum, who did a fantastic job. She did everything herself like a Pro and is a super mummy, very affectionate and alert.

    We have three females and one male, all black and white Very, very pretty and elegant heads, beautiful and very showy markings.

    --> Here is the L-litter page!
  • Kiss from Arose of Green Borderline had a long break from Agility due her maternal duties but is back now with her young fantastic handler to run very, very successful in class 3!
    Huge congratulations to the Czech republic!
  27th March, 2019  


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