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   News 07-12/2010

News 07-12/2009

  • New photos of our "Golden Oldies".
    Beverly becomes 13 years old and Chili is 10 and is happy being retired and moved into her new garden around the house.
  • Having moved 4 years ago into our new house it is time now having changed the photos of the house and surrounding on the "Gallery"-pages.
  • Also the "Successes"-pages have been sorted out.
Beverly, nearly 13 years Chili, 10 yrs House
  • Happy first birthday to all our children of the H-litter!
  • Exams:
    Daisy: BGH3 (Companion dog level 3): 94 pts
    Grace: BH (Companion dog basic level): passed
    Thank you so much, Martina, for training Grace in obedience, you are a great team and you can see how much she adores you! And also huge thanx for taking Grace with you on your weekend tours up the Alps, she is a different dog when she returns.
  • Thank you also, Melanie, for taking a video of Grace, winning the CACIB two weeks ago. Here is a short clip.
  • Double Cacib Show 12th/13th of June in Klagenfurt (A):
    Sunday, judge: S. Naprawnik (A)
    Highlander Jack (Junior): Exc. 1, Juniorwinner (3)
    Grace Kelly (Open): Exc. 1, CaCa, Cacib (4)

    Big congrats to Melanie with "Rico" in winning again at their second start in junior class, you did a great job!
  • Saturday, judge: J. Smovjer-Selimovic (HR)
    Grace Kelly (Open): Exc. 2, ResCaCa (4)
  • "Zemo de la montagne unique" is a certified police dog now in tracking, security and hunting (for persons and objects). I'am very proud of my young dog, who did so well the last months and will acompany me from now on to my daily work.
  • The puppies of our I-litter are 8 weeks old now and will be leaving us at the next weekend.
    Again we have found fantastic families, which can hardly await the end of this week. Isetta will be staying with us.
    New photos of each puppy on their pages --> here!
  • Fantastic news from Germany today: Uschi and Gypsy got an "Excellent" - 261 points at their first start in an obedience class 1 trial today! Huge congrats for you both!
  • Our I-litter is 5 weeks old now, you will find new photos on their own pages --> here! There is still one boy available.
  • The postman has brought a very special parcel today:
    Tally is international champion (I.C.E.) now, what a big title for our first homebred champion!
  • Clubshow in Foederlach (A)
    Judge: Heidi Poschacher (A), 13 entered Border Collies

    Highlander Jack (Junior): Exc. 1, Juniorwinner Carinthia
    Habitual Shadow (Junior): Exc. 3
    Houston No Problem (Junior): Exc. 4
    Tally (Champion): Exc. 1, Best Dog, Carinthia Winner 2010
    Grace (Open): Exc. 1, Best bitch, Carinthia Winner 2010, BOB, BIS
    Panda (Open): Exc. 3

    We have spent a lovely day, actually the first day of summer in Carinthia, our H-litter juniors made their first experience in shows and did so well, Highlander Jack won his class out of 4; well done Melanie, you presented him really well!
    Tally gained his third clubtitle ("winner white-green", "winner Upper Austria") and now he is Carinthian winner. Grace had a fantastic day in full show condition: Carinthian winner, Best of breed and Best in show out of 62 entered Britisch herding dogs, what a wonderfull achievment for her! She had to wait for a long time until she was allowed to go and wim in the near river of pure green water. They've had so much fun. This has been a very special day for all of us, thank you: Elke with Panda, Axel and Isolde with Houston, Melanie with Rico, Eva with Shadow and Martina and Norbert.
Just fun Extended family Einfach toll! Just Gorgeous
Houston und Rico Elke und Panda Eva und Shadow Flying Rico
  • Another great news arrived us today: Diana and Everwoods Emotion "Romeo" gained the title: Landesmeister (Champion) in companion dog 1 with 98 (out of 100) points! Very, very well done you both!!!

  • Clear eye update for Tally today.
  • Each puppy has got its own page now and there are new fotos of them a nearly three weeks, enjoy their fotos --> here!
    This litter matures very nicely and has got its new home in the livingroom, where they do have more place to run and play...
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper is retired since 12th of April and now our private dog.
    Dear Chili, it has been a great pleasure and honour to work with you for 8 years. You have always been a great chracter and your stealth and power is unforgotten. Thank you for all those years and that you let me coming home from work healthy every day. We've had wonderful adventures together I never will forget!
  • Tally is certified Austrian Champion.
  • Our I-litter matures nicely. They're 6 days old today. Mica is a loving and caring mummy and does a great job with eight puppies. --> Here you can see a short video of the puppies today.
  • A new photo of Panda, which loves the herding- and agility-training and makes her owners, Elke and Moritz really happy. Thank you for the photos, Moritz!
  • Our I-litter is born!
    Mica has given birth to 8 puppies between 09:43 am and 01:02 pm.
    There were some suprises in this litter, first photos can be seen ---> here.
    Mica and the puppies are doing well. Mica is, of course, very tired, but the puppies are verly lively and strong.
  • We've had lovely visitors today from Carinthia: Eva has been here with Shadow.
    It is a pleasure watching you both, how well educated Shadow is and what a lovely character he's got. Shadow has grown into a very nice young male, he is 9 months old now and has a movement to die for!
    New pics on his page ---> here.
  • Day 57 of Mica's pregnancy today!
  • I returned from a lovely weekend in England yesterday. On Saturday I've been at the Border Collie convention. Speakers were Ross Green ("Fayken"), Toni Jackson ("Elbereth"), Rachel Spencer ("Tobermoray"), Jo Rattcliffe ("Grandver"), Penny Foster-Cooper ("Sheltysham"), Kathleen Burnell ("Fieldbank") und Felix Cosme ("Beagold"). At the end of the day there was an open discussion. All in all a very interesting day for Border Collie lovers. Topics were breeding, showing and judging the Border Collie. I do hope that they will have another convention next year. Thank you for a super organization.
    On Sunday I've been at the Border Collie Club Championship Shwo in Newark. I've seen many Border Collies and met many people again. It has been a pleasure to have nice talks to them.
    And THANK YOU Alison and Bob for a super weekend again and our time together.
  • New photos of Tally's offspring:

    Dajavera Erin: She's living in Belgium with Christel and Marnix "Maranns Home" Border Collies. Thank you for letting us be part of her progress and for all those lovely photos. Good luck with your gorgeous girl!

    Baby Tally "Open Gate": He's staying with his breeders Jana and Blanka in the Czech Rep. and matures into a lovely boy, a spitting image of his father!
    He has got an outstanding character. Can't wait to meet you in a few months!

  • Tally's first champion certificate is here, now he is Slovenian Champion!
  • Today another wonderful message reached us: Tally gained the title
    "Top Winning Border Collie 2009" and
    "Top Winning British Herding Dog 2009"
    I can't say how proud this title make us. Tally has gained 819 points in the year 2009 in five different countries (A, SLO, HR, CZ, GB).
  • Grace gained the second place in youthclass (until 15 months) and the third place in the adult class (up 15 months).
  • Mica became 5th with only 7 shows in the adult class, Faye 9th and Panda 10th also in the adult class.
  • International Dogshow in Graz (A), Judge: Mrs. S. Schaffer (A), 43 entered Border Collies
    Tally (Open): Exc. 1, CACA, Res.CACIB
    Grace (Open): Exc. 2, Res.CACA

    Our last three weekends have been a bit stressy but so successful: Each Sunday Tally finished another champion title, today his Austrian champion!
    So let me say some words to this gorgeous boy: It is such a pleasure to go to shows with you, you're always happy, always smiling, sitting on your groomingtable, flirting with the girls coming by and wrapping all the humans around your paws, who can't pass but have to say "hello" to you. It is an honour standing in the ring with you.
    I promise, we won't be going to many more shows the next time but will spend more time with "the very best" in your life: Herding the sheep!
    Thank you for all those unforgettable moments, I love you, my little bear :-)))

    Finnley the Freshman (Open): Exc. 3
    Highlander Jack (Puppy): Very promising

    Congratulations to you both, especcially to Melanie and Highlander Jack for a super debut on their showcareer, you are a super team!
  • Gypsy and his owner Uschi entered at their very first obedience exam and got fabulous 307 points in the beginner class. Huge congratulations to this super start into the obedince trial career!
  • Mica is doing great, always kissing and sleeping. She is VERY pregnant and you can see that her belly has grown already although we only write day 34th of her pregnancy.
  • Double-CACIB Zagreb (HR):
    Sunday: Judge: C. Stefanescu (RO) (7 entered Boder Collies)
    Tally (Open): Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB
    Grace (Open): Exc. 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
    Tally has fullfilled the conditions for gaining the International Champion title C.I.E. with his CACIB, we're awaiting the certification trough the FCI.
    Grace got her second ticket for the Croation Champion title.

    Saturday: Judge: S. Cujan (HR) (6 entered Boder Collies)
    Tally (Open): Exc. 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
    Grace (Open): Exc. 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

  • Winterwinnershow in Celje (Slo) (12 entered Border Collies)
    Judge: M. Zidar (SLO)
    Tally (Open): V1, CAC
    Grace (Open): V1, CAC

    Tally has fullfilled the conditions for the Slovenian Champion title, awaiting to receive the Certificate through the Slovenian Kennelclub. Grace has got her third ticket for the Slovenian Champion.
  • Mica is in whelp!
    Today, on the 24th day of her pregnancy, we went to the vet to have Mica scanned and we could see 4 puppies. And it looks as if there were more.
    We will know it exactly in 5 weeks and can't wait them to be borned at the end of March.
    More information --> here.
  • The perfect winterday
    Our dogs love these wonderful winterdays to play outside and go to races.
  • New fotos of Habitual Shadow, who matured to a beautiful young boy at the age of 7 months.
  • Congratulations to Petra and Firewall to their 5th place at an Agility-trial!
  • Mica has been mated to Borderline Country Justinboots. We expect this litter around 27th of March 2010. More information --> here
  • Houston No Problem matured into a VERY nice young boy. He's got a lovely character and is gorgeous to look at although he is in "that funny age" of 6 months. New photos  --> here.
  • Firewall ran his second "0" fault trial in Agility and became second best of day. Our big congratulations, Petra!
  • Tallys children in the Czech Republic mature wonderfully --> Here you can find the latest photos. Thank you so much, Blanka and Jana, for sending us many, many photos so that we can follow their progress.
  • Cacib Show in Nuernberg (Germany)
    Judge: Mr. C. P. Fricke, 61 entered Border Collies
    Tally (Open): Exc. 2, ResCaC (11)
    Grace (Intermediate): Exc. 2, ResCaC (8)
  • This new year has already brougth fantastic news: Tally has produced his third litter. First pics on his "Progency"-page. This time in the Czech kennel "Open Gate" with Blanka and Jana Malinska. Their gorgeous girl "Jamie" (Borderline Country Tempest x Daisy Foxy Fox) has given birth to 7 (4/3) puppies in black and white.
    Not all puppies are booked yet, so please keep informed on their homepage.
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