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News 01-06/2010

  • Tally got his Croatian Champion certificate!
  • Our big congrats to Kimmie and Immortal Blue Acko for winning the puppy class at the Border Collie Show in Soro (DK)!
  • Intern. Dogshow in Kassel, 49 entered BC
    Judge: C.P. Fricke (Ger)
    • Tally (Working): Exc.1, CAC, Cacib (Best dog) (3)
    • Grace (Working): Exc.1, CAC, (2)
  • Nat. Kassel, 38 entered BC
    Judge: J. Ebels (NL)
    • Tally (Working): Exc.1, CAC, Best dog, BOB
    • Grace (Working): Exc.1, Res.CAC (2nd best bitch) (2)
  • What a fantastic weekend when Tally has been best male on both days and has been awarded BOB on Saturday!
    In a huge honour ring Tally could show his superb movement and was shortlisted out of approx. 30 dogs of FCI Group 1.
    I've met nice people again it was really great when people I've never seen before congratulated us to best dog and the BOB, thanks to all of you!
  • Houstons No Problem: His hipscore is FCI grade "A" - congrats, Isolde and Axel!
  • Cacib Wels (A), 36 entered BC
    Judge: Brigitte Bregenzer (A)
    • Tally (CH): Exc. 1, CaCa, ResCacib (3)
    • Mica (Op): Exc.2, ResCaCa (3)
    • Grace (Work): Exc.1, CaCa, ResCacib (1)
    • Tallys sons "Open Gate" Kennel from CZ
    • Clairvoyant (Ju): Exc.3 (6)
    • Call of the Wild (Ju): VG (6)
  • Cacib Wels (A), 46 entered BC
    Judge: Phyilis Poduschka-Aigner (A)
    • Indigo Blue (Pup): VP1 (2)
    • Tally (CH): Exc.3 (4)
    • Mica (Op): Exc.1, CaCa, Cacib, BOB (5)
    • Grace (Work): Exc.1, CaCa (1)
    • Tallys son "Clairvoyant Open Gate" (Ju): VG (6)
  • What a great weekend we've had. Grace finished the Austrian champion title and also her third title in only three weeks and Mica went to win open bitches, best bitch and gained BOB!
    And how proud we've been that her breeder, Bob Tunnicliff was eye-witness of her big win, when he accompanied me to this show-weekend - we had a party afterwards in the Hotel with "Mr. Jack Daniels" :-)))
    A wonderful introduction into the showring for Indigo Blue, who was presented well by his owner Steffi in puppy class. Yuo did a good job, you both! Digo matured into a very nice boy and we can't wait to see his further progress.
  • Mica BOB


    Indigo Blue

  • Visit at Barbka and Saso Novaks "Seta del Oro"-Kennel in Slovenia. Tallys 8 children are 5 weeks old and they really matured nicely. Bob and me are both very pleased with this stunning red and white boy and would be really interested if he could live in Austria or a show home to beeing able to watch his progress.


  • CACIB Sempeter (Slo), 16 entered BC
    Judge: Igor Selimovic (HR)
    • Mica (Op): Exc.2, ResCaC (2)
    • Grace (Work): Exc.1, CaC, ResCacib (1)
      Grace fullfilled all conditions for the Slovenian champion!
  • Gypsy started at an obedience trial in Weiterstadt (GER) and has won again not only his class but also best of day with fantastic 297,5 points and got another "Excellent"!
    Huge congrats on your super win!!!
  • Exams in our dogschool
    Judge: Karl Schnabel
    Martina did a great job to train our girlies Mica and grace. The results are the following:
    • Mica: Companion dog: passed
    • Grace: Companion dog class 1: 96 pts. (out of 100) and "Excellent"
  • Dear Martina: Our girls and we do love you and want to thank you for your effort you put into the training of our girls and the time you part with all of us!


  • CACIB and Special show for Britisch Herdingdogs in Zagreb (Cro)
    19th and 20th of November 2010:
    Judge Friday: Brigitte Schjoth (DK), 22 entered BC
    • Tally (Working): Exc.1, CAC, 2nd best dog
    • Grace (Working): Exc.1, CAC, 2nd best bitch
  • Judge Saturday: Oleg Staunskjaer (DK), 25 entered BC
    • Tally (Working): Very good
    • Grace (Working): Exc.1, CAC
  • Tally and Grace both fullfilled the conditions for the Croatian Champion, we're awaiting the certificates by the Croatian Kennelclub.
  • Agility - Exam in Potendorf(A)
    Petra runs her second "0" with Firewall in class 2 and gains the 5th place - congratulations!
  • New pictures of --> Isetta
  • A new photo of our Tallys son in the Czech Republic: "Clairvoyant Open Gate" at the age of 10 months. Thank you for all the brillant photos, Jana and Blanka!

    Baby Tally, 10 months
  • Tally has sired a beautiful litter in Slovenia!
    On 29th of October Oli gave birth to her last litter in the "Seta del Oro" Kennel in Slovenia. 3/2 dark chocolate-white and 2/1 black-white puppies.
    Not all puppies are already spoken for, keep informed at their website --> here.
    Oli is a pretty black and white bitch, runs agility class 3 and has been shown only a few times but successfully. Inquiries welcome here or at Barbka Novak.

  • First start in agility level 2 for Petra and Firewall. They both ran their first  excellent and first warrant for promotion into level 3 - and they also got best team of the day!
    Huge congratulations, we ware so proud of you!
  • Wonderful News from Germany: Gypsy King gained 299,5 points and the best result of the day at the obedience trial in Taunusstein (Ger)!
    Huge congrats to Gypsy and his owner Uschi!
  • New picture of  Indigo Blue.
  • Tally and Grace passed their first herding exam today!

    Both of them did a great job, Tally received 80 and achieved the highest points of the day, Grace 75 points (out of 100).

    We're very proud of them and Tally will certainly start at his next exam in spring 2011 and we will try some more trials next Year.

    I decided to enter Tally for the trial on Saturday, knowing that we both lack of training and Tally has never ever seen the pen before, so it was an exciting experience...

    The first run was only very short when Tally lost on the outrun - disqualified.
    The second run was better, the outrun worked and Tally brought the sheep through the fetchgate to me and around me. We couldn't do the drive as Tally is not trained in driving the sheep, so he only companied the sheep, me in the front, through the parcours, he was quite good in stabilizing the sheep in the sheddingring and well, then there was the sen. Tally did a great job (no points lost) and somehow the sheep went into the sen - and we finished our first trial!
    We lost half of the points at the outrun, the fetch and the drive (as I was allowed to help him, so the chance of passing the trial was quite small). We got 43 points, not many, but I think, we did it well for our first time, so I'm really, really proud of my Tally - boy!
  • Daisy had a severe surgery yesterday. A big thank to the whole team of Dr. Schwarz in Hollabrunn, who looked so good after Daisy when she spent her day in hospital.
    Daisy had a partial broken crucial ligament and they made a TPLO on her. I didn't expect her to being so happy some hours after the surgery, she smiled at me all over her face and couldn't wait to come with me again.
    Now she is on drugs to keep her off pain, but we all will have four hard weeks in front of us. Keep your fingers crossed that she will be like she was before this injury and will be allowed to herd sheep again and run as fast as the wind.
  • We've had our annual litter meeting at the beautiful Ossiacher Lake in Carinthia. Eva invited us all and was cooking a great meal. Thank you so much for everything, it has been a great day for all of us.
    The weather was absolutely great, not a single cloud in the sky, there was so much space for the dogs to run and play, we were sitting outside and the trees had their "Indian summer" coat on :-)))
    --> Here you can find some nice impressions of this lovely day.
  • Acko passed the puppy obedience exam winning the first place, big congratulations. What a nice start!
    Acko has got his own --> website.
  • Intern. Dogshow in Ceska Budejovice (CZ), Judge: Milan Krinke
    Clairvoyant Open Gate "Baby Tally" won his class just at the age of 9 months and two days, out of 8.

  • Intern. Dogshow Wroclaw (PL)
    Everything for you Dajavera won junior class

    A big kiss from Tally to his children, doing so well at their show-debut!
  • Eurodog in Celje (Slo), Judge: Brenda Branbury (GB):
    Tally (CH): Excellent (9)
    Grace (Open): Excellent (shortlistet under the last 5 remaining) (8)
  • Clubschau Celje (Slo), Judge: Michael Forte (IRL):
    Grace (Open): Excellent (7)
  • Clubshow in Tulln (Aut), Judge: Peter Bailey (GB)
    Grace (Open): Exc.2, ResCaCa (7)
    Panda (Open): Excellent (7)
  • Firewall is winner of the Styrian Championship in Agility L1!!! Huge congratulations to Petra, very well done.


  • Tally is Danish champion!
  • Tally is certified Austrian Clubchampion!
  • CAC Show in Trbovlje (Slo):
    Tally (Ch class): Exc. 1, CAC, BOB
    Mica (Open class) Exc. 1, CAC
  • Tally mated "Kolibri at Mel'n'Roses" and we do expect a lovely litter in the "Seta del Oro" Kennel in Slovenia.

  • It took a lot of work and sweat, but now Chilis ...well, let's call it her "livingroom" is ready now!
    The door will be open day and night, because it will not be her kennel but a room to be chosen when it is raining or for a little nap. The furnishing is not yet done, but a couch is waiting already - the tv and vanity will be delivered soon :-)))
    Chili sends a thousend licks and we our biggest "Thank you" to Norbert, who worked together with Gernot on Chilis little flat!!!


  • Holidays in Denmark
    We have spent a lovely week in Denmark, some days on the beach in Sanddobberne and four days together with Immortal Blue Acko uand his family.
    It has been great watching him with his owner Kimmie, what a great team they are already, doing their first lessons in obedience. Thank you for our time together, it has been a pleasure!

    Daisy, Tally and Grace came with us on our trip. A big "Thank you" to Gernot's mum for taking care of Beverly and Martina and Norbert for taking Mica and Isetta during our holidays into their home.
    We also spent a lovely time with Inge Lisa and Erik Ussing, thank you for your warm hostage and lovely invitation after the show!

    The Danish club championship took place in Soro on 21st and 22nd August.
    The Saturday show was judged by breed specialist Rachel Spencer ("Tobermoray"), the Sunday show by breed specialist Angela Gillespie ("Detania"), both UK.

    Tally (Open class): Exc. 1, CC, BOB
    Grace (Open class): Exc. 2, 2nd best bitch

    Tally (Open class): Exc. 1, 2nd best dog
    Grace (Open class): Exc. 2

    Tally could finish all required conditions for the Danish champion (to be confirmed by the Danish kennelclub).

    Here a few impressions of our holidays:
  • Successes of Tallys offspring in the Czech Republic:
    Dajavera Kennel:

    • "Everything for you Dajavera": Regional dog show in Radomiu (PL): Best Puppy

    • "Enola Gay Dajavera": Regional dog show in Kladno (CZ): Very promising 1

  • Open Gate Kennel:

    • "Clairvoyant Open Gate": Very promising 3

    • "Come as you are Open Gate": Very promising 1

  • Gypsy King started in obedience class 1 on 1st of August: 274,5 points (Excellent)
    Huge congratulations to you all!

  • Austrian Clubwinnershow in Götzis
    Judge: Heidi Poschacher (A)
    • Icelander Jack (Babyclass): Very promising
    • Tally (Honour class): Exc. 1, Best  dog, Clubwinner 2010
    • Grace (Open class): Exc. 2, ResCaCa, Best Austrian bred Border Collie 2010

    What a lovely and exhausting weekend we've had! Martina and me took the road to the far west of Austria, picked up Verena and Icelander Jack on our way.
    Icelander Jack matures into a handsome boy, has got Mica's cheeky face and her movement, and his big coat from daddy boots.
    Verena and Jack did a great job in showtraining, so the presentation was really great in the showring.
    Tally fullfilled the conditions for the Austrian Clubchampion and Grace won the title "Best Border Collie - bred in Austria". So we went home with thre big trophys and are very, very proud:-)))

  •  07.08.2010 hat in Brünn (CZ) unter Milan Krinke Tallys Sohn "Clairvoyant Open Gate" im Besitz von Jana und Blanka Malinska die Jüngstenklasse (8) gewinnen dürfen. herzliche Gratulation zu Baby-Tallys Showdebut!

  • Clubchampionshow in the Czech Republic: "Clairvoyant Open Gate", Tallys son, bred and owned by Jana and Blanka Malinska, won the babyclass out of 8. What a great start into his showcareer!
  • Tally, Grace and me had a wonderful weekend in the South ov Vienna, being part of a herding seminar. Grace has been - as usual - a good girl and Tally absolutely fantastic!

    There are new videos of the herding training on Tally's and Grace's pages.
Tally Grace
  • Special breedshow for Border Collies in Siegen (Ger), 56 entered Border Collies
    • Dogs - Judge: Mark Wibier (Ger)
      Tally (Championclass): Exc.2, ResCAC (3)
    • Bitches - Judge: Bob Tunnicliff (GB)
      Grace (Open class): Exc.1, CAC, Best bitch, Best in Show (8)

      Grace Kelly, BIS
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