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News 07-12/2010

  • Double Cacib in Wels
    • Sunday: Judge: M. L. Doppelreiter (A), 47 entered BC
      Mica (Open): Exc. 1, CACA (7)
    • Saturday: Judge: H. Bilsheim (Ger), 40 entered BC
      Mica (Open): Exc. 4 (6)
  • A new guest came here to being part of my pack for a while, it is a Tally daughter, aged nearly 12 weeks: Ebony of Bron Yr Aur, born in an excellent Hungarian kennel, which prefers the english lines. Ebony is an outstanding little, black bitch, full of life, sparkles in her eyes, very outgoing, good nerves, curious and calm, but also funny and a clown as her Daddy.
    She is beautifully angulated, has got a lovely headshape, good bones and an enormous movement. She will be my guest until the right co-owner will be found, because she is far too good for not to being shown.


  • Firewall Just Secure OGB and his owner Petra gained the title Styrian Champion in Agility, highest grade!!!
    What a "WOW" on their very first start in class 3, winning the Styrian Championship, I'm so proud of you both!

  • In the Hungarian Kennel "Bron Yr Aur" a litter, sired by our Tally, was born: 5 boys and 2 girls, all black and white and healthy. The puppies are quite dark but with lovely markings. We are sure they will make their way in the showring as in sports, some boys are still available. It would be great to have the one or other son of Tally here in Austria, because they really look good and promising. Please keep informed on the Bron Yr Aur website or contact me or his breeder Kati or the bitches owner Reka.

Left: Excalibur, Eternal Flame, English Muffin, Endless Tale
Ebony, Earthquake, Earl Grey

  • New photos of Jackson, Jayden and Habitual Shadow!
    This "Wow!" photo was made in may holidays in Carinthia when I met his owner Jacky and Gregor "Jackson LT of Green Borderline, aged 4 months.

  • Congratulations to Icelander Jack and his owner Verena, they passed the BH exam!

  • Congratulations to Immortal Blue Acko and his owner Kimmi in Denmark, who passed Obedience Class 1!!!
    Acko and Kimmie found a super trainer for their herding lessons in Erik Holmgard, Acko shows good natural instinct at sheep, wishing them a lot of fun and success for their future exams!

  • Finnley the Freshman has got a new website, my congratulations to these lovely pages and all my best wishes for your future with "Black Borderheart".

  • I've been invited to the annual "Seta Del Oro" litter meeting of Barbka and Saso Nowak in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    Thank you so much for your warmhearted welcome, it has been a great afternoon in the middle of your wonderful progeny. I've met some of Tallys children, aged 2 years and 10 months.
    One lovely example is "Kermit" at the age of 10 months, who won Junior class the next day with excellent 1, Junior winner. Congratulations, Darja and family!


  • It has been three really busy months for me, my dogs (especially the maiden mum "Grace") and my offspring, Tally, has produced a lovely litter near Vienna and mated a lovely bitch. So here are the news as following:
  • Tally mated the beautiful bitch Casablanca of Bron Yr Aur,  which is living with Reka Dekei in Hungary. She seems to be in whelp, this litter will be born around 4th of September. The breeder is looking for a really good home for a co-ownership!
    We expect lovely Border Collie puppies in black/white, which should be well made for working and especcially for the showring.
    Keep informed at "Bron Yr Aur"-kennels:


  • Tallys litter out of Sparkling Guy's Alis Volat Propriis - "Lucy" produced 6 lovely puppies, 4/2, 1/1 chocolate/white. They're 9 weeks old now and are leaving their first home. I'm wishing lovely families and a fantastic life!
    More information and lots of pictures can be found here: "Sparkling Guy's" zu sehen.

  • New photos of Foster, Gypsy King, Habitual Shadow and the three J-litter puppies on their own pages.

  • Gypsy King achieved the title "Landesmeister" in obedience class 1 on 5th of June 2011! What a great day for you both, HUGE congratulations!

  • Isetta Bi-Turbo is living with her new family with Carolyn Brack "Carolyns Home" now, she settled in well and has lots of fun! She's been entered at three shows to date and these ar her successes:

    • 05.06. CAC Bad Salzhausen Exc. 2, Res. CAC Junior (13)
    • 12.06. Cacib Saarbruecken Exc. 3
    • 13.06. Nat. Saarbruecken Exc. 1, CAC Junior
  • Huge congrats to Indiana Jones, Infinity and Inca Black Angel for passing their first exam "BH"!!!

  • Inca Black Angel has been x-rayed and the super results are: Hips/Ellbows/Shoulders: free

  • Cacib Augsburg
    Judge: M.L. Doppelreiter (A)
    • Indigo Blue (Junior) Exc. 3 (8)
  • Congrats to Steffie and Digo!
  • Cacib Salzburg
    Judge: Kim Vigo Nielsen (DK):
    • Indigo Blue (Junior) Very Good 3 (5)
    • Finnley (Open) Very Good 2 (3)
    • Inca (Junior) Very Good (12)
    • Mica (Open) Exc. 1, CAC (5)

Indigo Blue, Mica, Inca und Infinity

  • IHA Prag
    Richter: C.P. Fricke (D), 58 gem. Border
    • Clairvoyant Open Gate "Tally" (Zw) V1, CAC, Res.Caci
  • Herzliche Gratulation zu diesem tollen Erfolg, Jana!
  • Graces and Tallys litter is born!
    They are two beautiflu dark boys and 1 stunning bitch, all black and white.
    Grace is a wonderful mum, doing a great job.
    Please note that all puppies are spoken for!
    Here ar the first --> photos
  • Grace is International Champion (C.I.E.) of the FCI - I'm so very proud of our girlie :-)))
    Today is day 44 of Grace's pregnancy and she gets prettier and rounder every day.
  • Immortal Blue Acko has been shown in Oldenburg (Ger) this weekend and reached the following results:
    • 09.04.2011, Judge: Jan Ebels (NL)
      Junior class (4): Exc. 1, CAC-J, CAC (VDH)-J
    • 10.04.2011, Judge: Regina Blessing (Ger)
      Junior class (4): Exc. 4
  • Isetta moved to Germany to live with Carolyn Brack and her Border Collies. I really wish she will fullfill your expectations, Carolyn. And Isetta: I miss you already :-). Wishing you lots of fun and a happy life with your new friends!

  • I've been at the vet to do the x-rays with Habitual Shadow and Isetta Bi-Turbo, these are the results:
    • Isetta: Hips: A (free), Ellbows: free, Shoulders: free
    • Shadow: Hips: A (free), Ellbows: free, Shoulders: free
  • I'm very happy with that great results - now both are ready for breeding.
  • New fotos of Houston at the age of 21 months.
  • This is Tallys daughter "Kalysta Seta Del Oro" who is living with Sonja Ralenac in Belgrad (SRB), thank you for the foto!

  • New foto of Indigo Blue,  thank you Steffi for sending me this lovely foto of your lovely Digo :-)))

  • New fotos of Immortal Blue Acko who is living in Denmark, also his showresults to date on his page.

  • New fotos of Tally's son "Clairvoyant Open Gate" - he matures into a lovely young male, thank you for the fotos coming, Jana.


  • Tally mates the Austrian bitch "Sparkling Guy's Alis Volat Propriis" we send all our best wishes for the next 9 weeks and an easy birth.

  • Qualification for the BSD World Championship, 4th run:
    Petra has been started with Firewall just Secure in class 2 and they both became second and their second (of three) tickets to raise up to class 3, congratulations!

  • Grace has been mated by our Tally! This will be our J-litter, which will be born around 30th of April 2011, more information --> here!
  • CACIB Show in Graz
    Judge: Dr. A. Kovacova (SK), 51 entered BC
    • Highlander Jack (Intermediate): Exc. 2, Res. CACA (5)
    • Finnley the Freshman (Open): Exc. (6)
    • Inca Black Angel (Junior): Exc. (11)
    • Mica (Open): Exc. 2, Res. CACA (6)
  • Congratulations on your good results! You're done well, it has been a big entry and good competition!
  • Grace is Slovenian and Croatian Champion!
  • New pictures of Indiana Jones in Carinthia - thank you so much for these lovely fotos, Sylvia and Gottfried!
  • Great news of Tallys offspring in the Czech Republic:
    Dajavera Kennel - thank you for these excellent news, Daniela!
    • Enola: Hips: A (free)
    • Ero: Hips: A, PRA/KAT: updated free, Glaucoma: unaffected
    • Erin: Hips: A, Glaucoma: unaffected
  • Open Gate Kennel - thank you for these - as always - excellent news, Jana and Blanka!
    • Clairvoyant: Hips: A, Ellbows: 0, OCD: free, KAT/PRA: updated free, Glaucoma: unaffected
    • Cinnamon Girl: Hips: A, Ellbows: 0, OCD: free
    • Coming Back to Life: Hips: A, Ellbows: 0, OCD: free, KAT/PRA: updated free, Glaucoma: unaffected
  • Grace is Austrian Show Champion!
  • Isetta is 10 months old now and really pretty. Her best points are her super shoulder angles, a lovely neck of good length, good depth of chest, a good and correct shape of head and correct eyes, well set and tipped ears and absolute straight in legs. Isetta is middle sized with good substance and will have a big coat for sure.

    You will find more information --> here!
  • Cacib Show in Nuernberg, Germany, 46 entered BC
    Judge: Ursula Langer (Ger)
    • Tally (Champion): Exc.1, CAC, Res.Cacib
    • Grace (Working): Exc.1, CAC, Cacib
  • Another really nice day in Germany: Tally collected his fourth (of five) ticket for the German Champion and also went second best dog (although he lost all his coat after his bath for the show) and Grace did so well: she got her third ticket for the German Champion and also was awarded best bitch (CACIB) out of working class! That means that Grace fullfilled all required conditions for the international champion today!
  • B.A.C.K. Bavarian Agility Challenge in Kreuth (Ger)
    We are incredibly proud of Petra with her Firewall Just Secure on their first international start on such a big agility challenge in Germany. Those are the results:
    Friday, 14. January:
    A-Run: Excellent, 0 faults, place 4 (out of 63)
    Jumping: Excellent, place 20 (out of 67)
    Saturday, 15. January:
    A-Run- Excellent, 0 faults, place 5 (out of 74)
    Jumping: Very good, place 16 (out of 75)

    Huge congrats on Petra and her Firewall!
  • Tally's son "Clairvoyant Open Gate" has been x-rayed and scored hips/ellbows/OCD free! Thank you for these good news and our congratulations, Jana!


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