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  In our home there is a principle of “Comfortable Feeling”.

Our border collies and Maine Coons live in our house and doing very well together.
They sleep around me after another night of working on the couch, keeping my feet warm.

It is fantastic to live so close to them, watch them how they interact, socialize each other or just play.

We want to breed Border Collies with an outstanding Temperament, they have to have excellent nerves, have to be cool and friendly.

All our girls are hip scored, eye tested in the age of six weeks and every year. Our girls are very expressive bitches and they are easy to handle.


Faulenzen bei Ertls

  Our Border Collies should follow the modern standard without being too extreme in their appearance.
They have to move well and be balanced in their whole phenotype. There is much work to do to find the right studdog for our girls.

We are spending many hours on the phone or in the internet and searching for many months. Then, once found an interesting dog after studying his pedigree and his health, we go to his owner, wherever he lives, and reassure that he really is the right studdog. He has to have a blameless nature and excellent movements.

It is much work until our puppies leave our home:

  • Hundreds of hours on the phone and the computer, speaking to interested people
  • Keep the contact to good breeder to be well informed
  • We do NOT breed cheap puppies, but each puppy will cost us more than we get from its owner
  • This way of breeding is very expensive:
    • Deworming every two weeks,
    • micro-chipping,
    • eye testing at the age of six weeks,
    • two times vaccination and a health certificate from the vet the day before they leave our home.
    • And each of them gets an official pedigree certificate.
  • Each family gets a script from us, full of our whole experience with dogs.
  • We keep very close contact to the puppy owners.
  • Our Border Collies live in our House and have their litter in the living room to guarantee the best Socialization.
  • A breeding in the house is very hard and needs a lot of kitchen towels! But the puppies and their owners are thankful for this kind of breeding.
  • Not to forget the lots of hours speaking to the owners of our offspring, actualize the website, visit the puppies every few months, coach owners and puppies at shows and sports A DOGS LIFE LONG!
  • When someone is really interested in one of our puppies, people are waiting for two years to get one “Of Green Borderline”!

THIS and the fact that meanwhile there are many families to be very happy with a Border Collie from our breed is the reason and gives us the strength to keep on breeding!

Our heartfelt THANK YOU to all our faithful puppy owners, who live in a fantastic way with their dogs, our babies, who love them as we do and train their dogs in herding, doing sports and show them and are very, very successful!!!

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