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After successfully passing the practical and oral exam in 2014, I became a National Judge in December 2014, and now I am breed judge of the following breeds:

Border Collie - Bearded Collie - Collie Longhair - Collie Shorthair - Shetland Sheepdog - Old English Sheepdog - Welsh Corgi Pembroke - Welsh Corgi Cardigan

The appointment as International Judge of Forms took place in July 2018 by the ÖKV. Thus, I am entitled to direct the aforementioned breeds on all FCI (and FCI recognized) events and also to award the CACIB.

My previous judging activities including entries are the following:

2015-10-26 Clubshow for all British herding breeds in Austria 91
2016-06-26 Clubshow for working Sheepdogs in Austria 37
2016-12-10 CACIB Show in Wels, Border C., Collie smooth/rough, AUT 59
2016-12-11 CACIB Show in Wels, Bearded C., Sheltie, OES, Corgis, AUT 64
2018-05-26 Special Show for Border Collies, bitches, CZ 90
2018-05-27 Clubshow for Border Collies, dogs, CZ 55
2018-06-09 CACIB Show in Klagenfurt, Border C. Bearded C., OES 48
2018-06-10 CACIB Klagenfurt, Collie smooth and rough, Sheltie, Corgi 55
2018-07-01 Clubshow for working Sheepdogs, Aut 45
2018-08-26 Border Collie Speciality dogs and BOB, Fin 44
2019-04-27 Border Collie Clubshow in Slovakia 46
2019-04-28 Clubshow for all British herdingdogs, Aut 49
2019-07-14 Cacib Nürnberg,  Border Collies, Corgis, Ger 42
2019-10-05 Clubshow Komárom, Border Collies, Shelties, Hu 55


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