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Daisy 12 years old


  Aculsia Ocean Breeze at Greenborder "Daisy"
Austrian Show Champion
Import Great Britain

*05.07.2004  ✝29.08.2018
Hips: FCI Grade A (free) CEA/PRA/KAT: unaffected at 6 weeks and 2009
MDR1: free
Glaucoma: unaffected
Full scissors bite
Colour: Blue and white

CEA DNA "Normal"
CL genetically free as both parents tested "Normal"
TNS normal through parentage

Litters: » E-litter » G-litter » H-litter  

Herding working exam of the Austrian kennel club passed (85 pts.)
Companion dog 1, 2, 3
Training in herding the sheep and doing tricks
Obedience Class 1

Club Show Ljubljana Veteran Exc.1, Best veteran
Federal winner show Tulln Working Exc.1, CaCa
Clubwinner show Tulln Working Exc.1, CaCa
IHA Wels Working VG1
IHA Wels Working Exc.1, CaCa
BSS Tulln Working Exc.1, CaCa
CS Judenburg Working Exc.1
CSS Stockerau Working Exc.1, CaCa
IHA Oberwart Working Exc.2, Res.CaCa
IHA Salzburg Open VG
BSS Tulln Open Exc.4
CS Tulln Open Exc.4
CSS Pinkafeld Open Exc.
IHA Oberwart Open VG
CS Schwanenstadt Intermediate Exc.1
IHA Salzburg Intermediate Exc.3
CS Foederlach Intermediate Exc.1
CAC Fallingbostel (Germany) Intermediate Exc.2, ResCAC --> Report and pictures
IHA Graz Intermediate Exc.3 --> Picture
CS Tulln Junior Exc.3
CACIB Lendava (Slo) Junior Exc.1, Junior Winner
CS Judenburg Junior Exc.1, Junior Winner
IHA Innsbruck Junior Exc.3
Club winner show Felixdorf Junior VG
IHA Oberwart Junior Exc.3
CSS Felixdorf Junior SG
IHA Oberwart Junior Exc.3
CAC Show Dachau (GermanyD) Junior Exc.
CACA Show Marburg (Slo) Junior Exc.3

Daisy, my „One-in-a-Million-Dog“!
Well, you found the door into my life when i was searching for a studdog for Cinderella – and I couldn´t resist!
I knew your daddy „Littlethorn Continental“, this fantastic dog and picked you up at the age of 10 weeks.

Describing Daisy would fill books – to me she is the perfect Border Collie.

She has never been easy – but I learned alot from her.

Daisy is doing everything with more than 100%, she is never lazy or not interested and loves to work in herding the sheep, doing obedience, tracking, doing tricks or just go swimming with me.
She loves to search for mice when we go for a walk - she has got something stupid in her mind all the time.

And I´ve never seen a dog with such an expressive face, Daisy is always telling me something or asking me something.

I love you so much, my darling – thank you for letting me have her, Della and Richard!


  Daisy, 7 years Daisy, 4 years old

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Daisy with 6 weeks Daisy 11 weeks old  

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  Daisy shows very promissing at sheep
(4 months old)
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  Daisy 9 months old 10 months
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Daisy 14 months old 22 months
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Great heelwork of Daisy Daisy 2,5 years old
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Daisy March 2006 3 years old  
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