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News 2015

  • Clubshow Judenburg, Judge: M. L. Doppelreiter (Aut)

    Minnie was entered for her very first show. Judenburg is lovely to start a showcareer as it is a nice little show, outside at a dog training center, everything is quite relaxed and familiar. We spent a lovely and warm late-summer day with Bettina and Toni with Kuba Libre and her best friend Sky and Jacqueline and Gregor with Tally and his „little bro´“ Ace and it was great being in the Showring with one of my „oldest“ friends Sabine „From the lovely Annie“ again – after so many years! Had entered Grace as well as I thought, she would love a day out with me and Minnie. And she enjoyed it so much, did not forget anything –although she is a Veteran now at 8,5 years. Grace did a super job and moved as she did in the old days!
    Beside all day drinking coffee and eating the best apple cake from Sabine we also did show our dogs and they all did so well:

    Minnie - Aculsia Lush Life - Babyclass: Very promising

    Kuba Libre of Green Borderline - Open class: Very good 3

    Grace Kelly of Green Borderline - Veteran: Exc.1, Best Opposite Sex

    Kiss From Arose
    Is a very talented agilitydog, has won some agilityshows and is starting in class 2 now, Kissy also does some Obedience.
  • Chambers Lee Ann of Green Borderline was here for a visit with her owners Silvia and Alex. It was great to seeing her doing so well at the age of 13 years! Nearly no white hair on her, a bit stiff in the back, but still clear eyes and a clear mind, playing the clown for a treaty! Thank you for caring so well for her, she is a lovely little person!
  • Karma My Mica is celebrating a huge success again!
    At the this years danish Club Championship she is awarded the CC and –again - she is awarded the Best in Show title, this year under the honourable breed specialist Julie Mockford „Snowmere“ from the UK! I could cry when reading her judge report about this gorgeous little girl! With this CC Karmy My Mica has also finished her danish Champion! Huge Congratulations, Kimmie and Mica – a dream came true!
  • Isetta lives "like God in France" while she is on holidays in France!
    Unfortunately she has developed a thyroid hypofunktion but Harriet has recognized the problem from Isettas weird behaviour and found out that the thyroid does not work anymore. Isetta is set well with medication, so she is able to work again in obedience and rallye obedience.
    Thank you so much that you are caring so well for her, Harriet!!!
  • Infinity G-Force has been here with his owner for a visit - a new photo of this lovely boy!

  • Chili did not come for breakfast Monday morning.
    She was waiting for her dinner Sunday evening and even waited for her extra-treatie one hour later and went to sleep – and did not awake again.
                                           Red Hot Chili Pepper

                                 27th of May 2000 - 11th of July 2016

    The adventures we had together would fill books, we had such a good time!

    So many super operations as well as a very intense time when we just were on duty. We spent more time together than I did with any other person or dog for such a long period.
    Nobody would have doubted how dangerous you could be when we came into a serious situation – and the next day you have been playing with little children when we had a presentation in nursery school.
    Never did I have to tell you what to do, you were so clever to evaluate situations at once.
    At home you have been a smart and sovereign pack leader, gentle but strong. Never unjust.
    The girls loved you and did everything for you, were licking your lips to appease you.

    You have been the leader until your last sigh, you are leaving a big hole for the future boss of the pack.
    You have never really been subordinated – there was no need for it, too clever you have been, always aware what your job is – and you have been so good in it!
    You have always made your own decisions and gone your own way – and accompanied me at the same time.
    Now you have gone ahead where I will follow some day.
    Run free from pain.
    I am very thankful that Ii was allowed to be on your side for such a long time.
  • Welcome little Minnie!
    Aculsia Lush Life, born on 30th of April 2016, is now sharing our life. Thank you so much for allowing her to live with us, Della and Richard Lucas!
    She is a joy to live with, zealously and clever.
    The girls adopted her, Daisy was a big grumpy at the beginning and Grace did what i expecter her to do: she took her for her own daughter.
    Minnie is facing adventurous months, exploring the big wide world.
    The chances that she might fulfill my high expectations into a brood bitch are good!
  • Keen on You and Kuba Libre have passed their companydog exam – huge congratulations!
    Keen on You and his family has spent their holidays here and it was just great to have him here again. He is getting an adult now, so very pretty. Will never forget the day we all spent hiking at the Weißensee, a beautiful day! But he stood right beside Lisa when Keen recognized it was time to say Goodbye, so he knows, where he belongs to…
    Keen on You
  • Kuba Libre oGB:
    She has had her x-rays done with excellent results:
    Hips: FCI grade „A“
    Ellbows: 0/0
    Shoulders: OCD free
  • Daisy has become 12 years! My special thanks to her breeder Della and Richard Lucas and those who bred the dogs behind - for breeding lines that are growing old in such a fantastic way, no white hair on this bitch! Happy birthday, you crazy Daisy, I love you!

  • Special breed Show for Working Sheepdogs (FCI) in Austria
    I have been invited to judge this breed show, which is especially for Working Sheepdogs to judge them in their normal environment, offside the big and stressy International breed shows. There are no placings or titles given, just a showresult and a written report.
    It was a big honour to being invited and I want to thank Marion Fuchs for a well organized show and a first-class secretary Alexandra Bauer.
    We had a nice entry of 37 Border Collies in all classes from Junior to Working and I got some lovely animals under my hands.
    Especially I have had one of the best Border Collies to judge. She caught my eyes when she came in – and I am sure, she was not trained for being shown at all. It was her first – and unfortunately her last breed Show. Every single part was on its place and when her owner ran a big round on the field, her movement showed just EVERYTHING her anatomy was promising before! What a cracking bitch she was! Pure and so very true, a movement to die for. I could have stolen her, what a quality bitch!
    Home again I found out that she was bred in Germany from pure Working lines. What a shame, her owner is not aware of her high quality, she is a real diamond – and will not being bred from, I was told. What a shame, if they only knew! „Fit for function“ – I have found it!"
  • Jackson LT - "Tally" has fully recovered and loves to do long tours up the mountains in the snow again...
  • New photos of Jenson and Houston, thank you, Axel, für these lovely pictures. They both are living a happy life, full of adventures and are both healthy and happy!
  • A new photo of Isetta and her owner Harriet

  • I had Grace's blood tested for IGS and CEA, she is genetically free from it as well as her eye update including Gonio is free from all diseases!
  • Thank you for the new photos of "Lucy - Galaxy little thorn", Claudia and Wolfgang!
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